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Πέμπτη 8 Απριλίου 2010

Ozone Mantra R 10s feed back from Bassano..

* from Ozone website

Luc Wins the Trofeo Montegrappa in Bassano

Luc Armant (of our Test and Design Team) went to Italy last week with his beloved R10.2, and took first overall in the Montegrappa ‘Trophy’. In second place was another R10.2, flown by France’s Martial Yann. Third place was former world champion Luca Donini.
In Luc’s words:
”There were six new Mantra R10’s in the competition and the overall level was very high with a lot of top international pilots.

It was the first real open comp of the season. The R10’s all did really well, despite the fact that the pilots had only a little time (or no time at all in several cases) to fly them before the comp.
Basically, pilots were learning the wing in the competition. The wing showed a clear advantage over all other gliders in the competition in all aspects of flight.
The stability at speed in the strong windy conditions of task 1 was amazing, and the superb sink rate in the very weak thermals of the second task (in the shady flatlands) was an advantage, and of course the
R10 killed everything else with glide at top speed. All of the R10
pilots were really happy in goal!”
Overall results:
Congrats Luc, and Martial, excellent work guys!
It seems that the R10’s are going to be cleaning up the comp scene this season, as there are a lot of them being made right now in our factory and so far the few that have been released have won the majority
of competition tasks that they have been in!
Cheers from all the Team.

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