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Τελευταίες 5 Αναρτήσεις Paragliding And Aviation

Τετάρτη 9 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Times when you just have to trust the pilot.....

The last one is the most amazing...

(Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον Εmm. Xidaki που μας το έστειλε)

1. Tioman Island , Off the coast of Malaysia

2. Wake Island, Pacific Ocean

3. Macao Intl Airport

4. Kuujjuaraapik , Quebec !

5. A rock, off the coast of Greenwood (Canadian Military Labrador Helicopter)

Outstanding job by a great young pilot from Pennsylvania !

Can't add anything else to this... the picture is worth 10,000 words!

If you don't think our military pilots earn their pay, you need to take

a look at this picture.


This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helo rescue mission.

The pilot is a PA National Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life.

Now how many people on the planet you reckon could set the ass end of a

chopper down on the roof top of a shack, on a steep mountain cliff, and hold

it there while soldiers load wounded men in the rear. If this does not impress

you... nothing ever will.


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