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Πέμπτη 17 Μαρτίου 2011

OZONE Paragliders - The Anti-G

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Have you ever blacked out during a steep spiral dive before? Or, have you never had the courage to spiral so steeply?
Well, regardless of whether you have been spiraling too hard or not hard enough, the Anti-G will change your life – for the better.
Simply put, the Anti-G is a device that reduces G Force in a spiral dive. It is simple and easy to use, and is particularly effective for higher aspect ratio wings.

The Anti-G is fixed to the main attachment point of your harness on the side that you wish to spiral toward. Just deploy the chute, and begin your spiral dive as normal. Although you will be able to enter a steep spiral dive, you will make fewer turns while maintaining a higher sink rate and experiencing far less G-Force.
Most pilots will experience a massive 40% reduction in G-Force while using the Anti-G.
Using the Anti-G will allow you to reach a higher sink rate in your spiral with greater situational awareness due to decreased G-Force.
Also, the reduction in G-Force means less strain on your wing and lines.
With the Anti-G deployed in level flight, you will not feel a significant disturbance or yaw force on your harness at trim speed*.
You may descend in spiral and land as normal with the chute deployed.
We highly recommend this tool for all competition pilots; due to the high efficiency of some wings (particularly the Mantra and Mantra R series), it is difficult to descend effectively in spiral dive without excessive G-Force. The Anti-G allows for a very steep descent rate at low Gs, even for a wing such as the R11.

*The Anti-G is not to be used as a tool to land in a shorter than normal distance, it is intended only for use as a tool to decrease G-Force in a spiral.

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