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Τρίτη 25 Ιουνίου 2013

Mentor 3 vs Enzo - It's not the XC speed, it's the glide ratio on big transitions!

On June 13th 2013 an old dream came true for me, flying with friends from Grente in Italy and completing an FAI-triangle of more than 250 km. In 9:03 hours I could fly 256.64 km with average speed of 28.62 km/h.

During the flight I was really astonished about the performance and stability of my new wing, the NOVA Mentor 3, which is an EN B-category wing. It was only my second flight with it. My friends and team mates Wolfgang Bernhard, Hans Tockner, Joe Edlinger (also all on Mentor 3) and me were able to keep up with much higher category wings. Being curious, I compared my flight with the one from Czech Petr Kostrun on his Ozone Enzo. Have a look at this short analysis (I recommend to watch in HD and on full screen). I think this is impressive!

It's not the XC speed that this video is about, it's the glide ratio on big transitions. It's surprisingly similar with both wings. Here the pilot can't do much.

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