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Κυριακή 17 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Το ταξίδι του Μichel Leblanc με το μοτοανεμόπτερό του RF-9 σε Ιταλία και Ελλάδα τον Ιούλιο του 2010

*Άρθρο από την επίσημη ιστοσελίδα της  Αερολέσχης Ιωαννίνων
Συντάχθηκε απο τον John Dimos  
Φίλοι μας
Διαβάστε την ευχαριστήρια επιστολή του κ. Μichel Leblanc προς όλους τους φίλους που τον βοήθησαν στο ταξίδι του με το μοτοανεμόπτερό του από την Γαλλία σε Ιταλία και Ελλάδα..

Ελπίζουμε και άλλοι φίλοι από το εξωτερικό και όχι μόνο να επισκεφθούν την χώρα μας αλλά και την πόλη μας και να θαυμάσουν τις ομορφιές της πατρίδας μας.

Dear friends,
Beatrice and I are now back to Paris. We want first to thank you all for your welcome and for your help during these days of July when we have flown our RF9 Fournier motorglider to Greece via Italy.
When I've prepared this flight, I only had informations about the big OACI greek airfields and that was unsatisfying for us. In Italy or in France, we prefer to land on small airfields (500 meters runway minimum) where we can meet UL aircrafts pilots, to learn from them about the area, than to land on impersonal big airfields. We wanted to fly this way in Greece and to meet pilots.
But first, I've made a mistake when landing at Brindisi. I believed that avgas 100LL was available, but it is finished for two years. Happily, Brindisi handling has given to me the cordinates of a new UL airfield in the south of Lecce, called Air Salento at Maglie.  Maglie has a long runway and can provide avgas and mogas. The very nice welcome from Antonio Santoro and from the club members has replaced the cold welcome of Brindisi airport. Antonio has given different Greek pilots contacts, and good informations about the Adriatic sea crossing.
We wanted to visit Kerkira on two days. Of course, Kerkira has only a big airport, and we had no other choice. At Kerkira, I've discovered that our RF9 battery was very low. On this plane, it's always possible to start the engine with a hand turning of the propeller. That's what I've made to take off to Ioannina... with the minimum of radio contacts because of this low battery.
At Ioannina our contact is Ioani Dimos who is the Airclub President. We have been cleared to park the RF9 near the Airclub hangar and far from the liners parking. My son who works in a French company at Larissa has found a battery. He has joined us with his girl friend Assibi to Ioannina. No problem with the new battery.  Ioann has given to us good informations to visit Ioannina and we have spent nice time with the club members in different restaurants.  As we wanted to visit Zakinthos, Ioani has contacted Dionysios Solomos airport for us, but we have not been cleared to fly to this Zakinthos civil airport.  The day before, a strike has disorganized the ususal trafic and Zakinthos control was afraid to have to much planes to park.  So, Ioani has found the solution. He has contacted Nikos Katsira and we have flown to Agrinio, in sight to continue to Zakinthos via car and ferry.
At Agrinio, impossible to confuse the military airport and the civil airfield. It's interesting to have such a civil runway, and the club makes his best efforts to keep it in a good state.  Nikos has joined us and carried us into the city. His ship business where he has welcome us, is located not far from the airfield. Nikos has indicated a good hotel and restaurant and we've had good time there. We've spent two days at Zakinthos who is given as one of the best Ionnian islands. This is true.
On the paper, we need quite an hour from Agrinio to Larissa, but as we had to climb at 7.500 ft, the thermics in the moutians have been very helpful for our loaded RF9. So we have flown during one hour and half. By car, our son has taken more than 5 hours.  At Larissa, the UL airfield is located in the west of the city. The military base is in the east. Impossible to confuse !  We have been welcomed by Nasos who has flown recently to France to Bordeaux with his UL plane.  As I've made some local flights, I've constated that the military control can be nice and speak quietly to you when their Skyhawks don't fly. The Olymp mountain is interesting to fly in glider but it's necessary to take care, especially for non local pilots as me who are not used to the local weather evolutions.
As we had an other project into the French Alps later, we have decided to go back home from Larissa. We have made two steps in two days. First from Larissa to Lavello UL airfield which is not far from Potenza into the far East of Napoli. The CFI groups often make stop over at Lavello, and we are always very pleased to meet our Lavello friends. They have carried us to the coast to make a night visit of Trani which is an interesting historic city from the crusade times. Then second flight from Lavello to Paris : ten hours in a day. A little bit long !
Beatrice and I have been very pleased of this first RF flight in Greece. Of course, if the civil aviation organisation could be a little bit lighter it could ba interesting. For example, to make the flight plans not mandatory in the country, but to let to the pilots to choose if it's necessary or not...
Don't hesitate to contact us if you project a flight to France or to the north of Europa. We'll be pleased to help you. We know what's necessary for a VFR travellers, especialy if they fly a UL or a motorglider !
Kind regards,
Michel & Beatrice Leblanc
Περισσότερα για το ταξίδι του μοτοανεμοπτέρου  RF-9 στα Ελληνικά στην ιστοσελίδα της Αερολέσχης Ιωαννίνων :
Πηγή ευχαριστηρίου : Αερολέσχη Ιωαννίνων

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