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Δευτέρα 13 Ιουνίου 2011

BASE Jump events in Greece - Αugust 2011 - Ναυάγιο Ζάκυνθος & Σύμη Άγιος Γεώργιος!


In august of 2011 two major BASE Jump events will take place in Greece, find all the details here.
The ProBASE Beach Challenge:  Taking place on the island of Symi from August 4th to 14th 2011.
This event is a combined exhibition event with an accuracy competition. Jumping will take place every day during the event from a 200 meter cliff on St Giorgios Bay, an amazing beach sitting below the impressive wall. From the 11th to the 14th of August the competition will be held, this is a target landing event and is open to all participants. The event includes accomodation, meals and transportation from Rhodos to Symi and on the island of Symi during the event, as well as participation in the competition. It also includes the event in Zakynthos for the first 20 people who sign up.
How to get there: Best is to book a flight to the island of Rhodos. Rhodos is a major tourist destination and has flights from and to most major cities in Europe, some of them will go through Athens. Once at Rhodos you can catch the ferry to Symi, look for Anes Boat lines, this is the ferry line transporting jumpers free of charge.
Interrested jumpers can sign up here.
ProBASE Shipwreck Boggie: Taking place on the island of Zakynthos, from August 17th to 20th 2011.
This is an exhibition event and will take place right after the event in Symi. The jump is around 200 meters also, over a paradisiacal beach with an old shipwreck.  Huge landing area on a sandy beach. The event includes accommodation and transportation from Athens and back.
 Logistics: To get there we will meet at Athens airport on the 17th of August and take a free shuttle bus to the ferry for Zakynthos.  Slots for this event are limited to about 20 jumpers. All jumpers wanting to participate in both events will have to get a plane from Rhodos to Athens on the 17th of August, so please book soon, since tickets are still fairly cheap right now.
Requirements to participate in either event are 90 BASE Jumps completed and a minimum of 2 years experience in the sport.
any questions please inquire at:
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ProBase Shipwreck Boogie - Ναυάγιο - Ζάκυνθος τον Αύγουστο!


PROBASE WORLD CUP - Η Σύμη στο καλεντάρι του Παγκοσμίου Κυπέλλου των BaseJumpers!

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