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Παρασκευή 17 Ιουνίου 2011

Insane Astoria Speed Paraglider Tower Jump!!! --- 'Anyone That’s Offended, I Apologize'

Man Arrested For Paragliding Off Astoria Tower

A Utah man who was arrested for paragliding off an Oregon Coast landmark says he didn't mean to cause any controversy.
"If they had a problem with it, no problem, cite me. Let me know there's an issue, give me a warning, give me a fine, something. But arrest me and take me to jail? That's just ridiculous and completely inappropriate," says Dell Schanze, 41.
Police say Schanze used a mini-paraglider to fly off the Astoria Column on Friday.
"Anyone that’s offended, I apologize. I really did not expect in any way to bother anyone," Schanze says.S
chanze says that people cheered as they watched him jump from the column. The attention he brought to the column by posting his video online is helping preserve it, he says."The way you preserve it is getting people to see it. What better way to get people to see it than have a world champion jump off the thing and post it on YouTube?"Schanze says. 
Police charged Schanze with a misdemeanor after local paragliding business owner Brad Hill contacted them, Schanze says.
"He basically set it up and tried to tip them off and basically set up the whole thing and told them where I was," Schanze says.
Hill told FOX 12 he disapproved of the stunt and had nothing to do with setting it up."(Schanze) does whatever he wants to do, wherever he wants to do it. And when he leaves, people like myself and my wife who are in the business, we have to deal with the aftermath," says Hill, who owns Discover Paragliding. 
"There was no need for me to contact the local police because the local community was livid. He set the stunt and its consequences in motion himself.
"Schanze has a reputation for doing stunts at locations around the world.He will be in court Wednesday for his initial arraignment. Sourse:

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