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Τελευταίες 5 Αναρτήσεις Paragliding And Aviation

Πέμπτη 13 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Rules for Acro and Speedflying

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In the past few weeks three of our friends lost their life in flying-sports. Speedflying and Acro Paragliding can be extremely dangerous and we want to present you some important rules to obey whilst practicing one of these exciting sports.

Rules for Acro and Speedflying:
1. Never fly without an insurance!
It's like not having a car insurance, you think it is unimportant to pay the fee unless you need it, but once you've had an accident, you might be glad, not paying for the rest of your life.
A helicopter-rescue starts with at least 3000, harming another person can be the same amount like every month. In Austria you can have an insurance on every glider with load-test.

2. Always use a Helmet
A Helmet is standart in our Sports and protects you. It is also very comfortable and keeps your head warm!

3. Step by Step!
Do not risk everything for the ultimate kick. The best paragliders are those who practice for a long period and the safest way possible.
Start with a bigger wing, you will progress much faster and better than with a hardcore-toy.
It's the indian, not the arrow!

4. Check your material
-Always check if all your Carabiners are completely closed.
-Put a Carabiner between the rescue and the connection-strap of your harness.
-Change your lines when the casing is broken.

Acro Rules:
1. Do not fly Acro with only one rescue
The past showed us that one rescue isn't enough.
It can get entangled in your main-canopy or it does not open because it's just hanging below the pilot. A second rescue ca minimize this risk.
If you are seriously practicing Acro-paragliding, keep in mind that sooner or later you will need your rescues! It's merely a matter of time.

2. Check your Placement and drift!
Flying above Houses, Parking-places, Cablecars, Power-lines and so on is stupid.
Choose a clear field or trees where you can land safe when you've thrown your reserve.

3. Do not try new maneuvers above ground.
Flying over water is mentally better and much safer. When you're in a dangerous situation and impact to water, the chance to get hurt is much smaller than above ground.
In Austria some good places like Ossiachersee, Hallstaettersee, Achensee exist. Choose one of these for your first attempts!

Speedflying Rules:
1. Do not start with a small wing! Speedgliders are very easy to handle. They can hardly collapse and even in unsafe conditions it is possible for a beginner to take-off.
The dangerous part starts when you want to get closer to the ground. This is when Speedgliding becomes one of the most dangerous sports in our century.

2. Do not fly on regular ski slopes!
Speedflying and public ski-slopes is an absolute no-no combination! If you break this rule, you are risking the health of others. Skiers might be frightened by a bypassing speedrider, and ski-resorts can close the area for former speedriders that have always used the backcountry as their playground.

We know everybody is motivated and wants to progress, but please keep in mind, that once you have an accident it is too late to stick to the rules!

Fly safe!!!

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Credits goes to Pietro Vignoli

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