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Τρίτη 12 Ιουλίου 2011

Kiteboarding is free once again!

*Άρθρο του
Our sport is FREE again!! 
We won't take it any other way!
Well in Lefkada we were free anyway,but the rest of Greece really had problems and it couldn't go like that,no way! So after waiting for a couple of weeks more for the signature, we finally got some fair rules as from today! So basically now kitesurfing is free even if no "club" has rented the beach to make you pay(yet). A set of rules will be applied and probably some kitespots will have additional rules depending on the conditions of each spot. So be ready to wear helmets and impact vests to enjoy freedom :-)

I am very happy that we won the obvious freedom that shouldn't have been questioned in the first place,but I'm sure that kiting will be seen with a different eye from now. It's going to be "industrialized" and that's never good. Nevertheless we won a very big battle but I'm sure more will follow.

Locally we have the auction thing for Ag. Giannis beach. Because if the beach goes to this guy...then it's not going to be free(of charge) or free in the real sense of the word, so we the locals here, have more battles to fight!

A big thanks goes to the team of and everybody that got involved and of course to the thousands of people around the world that supported us and signed the petition!
Ευχαριστουμε θερμα οσους πηραν μερος σε αυτην την προσπαθεια να κρατισουμε ελευθερο το πιο ελευθερο αθλημα!

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