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Τελευταίες 5 Αναρτήσεις Paragliding And Aviation

Τετάρτη 7 Απριλίου 2010


Never Ending Thermal

Never Ending Thermal is an 'Endless Summer' for the free flying generation.
The action-packed documentary features the adventures of Venezuelan pilots Herminio Cordido and Jorge Atramiz as they embark on an around-the-world flying odyssey.

Created by award-winning filmmaker Sean White, this highly produced film showcases the many disciplines of paragliding with top pilots from around the world and celebrates the spirit of the free-flight community.
The English language DVD features the 47-minute movie with subtitles in Spanish and French, plus many bonus features including an extensive 20-minutes making-of documentary (in three languages), trailers, outtakes, extra footage from St. Hilaire and Angels Falls, the entire original soundtrack and much more.

Never Ending Thermal recently scooped the Grand Prize at the 22nd International Film Festival, held in St Hilaire, France, 16-19 September.
The film’s victory at the free flight’s most prestigious film festival was seen by many as just reward for it’s incredibly high level of production and beautifully simple ethos.

The jury’s decision to award the prize to Canadian film-maker Sean White was unanimous. They declared, “Never Ending Thermal has all the makings of a cult film reminiscent of the all time great surfers’ reference, The Endless Summer.
“Never Ending Thermal offers the true essence of the spirit of the free flying world through the daring, jubilant and informative adventures of Jorge Atramiz and Herminio Cordido, two hip Venezuelan paraglider pilots who guide us through their choice of the flying world’s hot spots, ending up with the ultimate flight from the Angel Falls.”
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NEVER ENDING THERMAL trailer from Sean White on Vimeo.

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