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Τελευταίες 5 Αναρτήσεις Paragliding And Aviation

Τρίτη 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Incredible Flying Motor Bike...

Α few years ago my brother decided to make his 350 cc motor bike fly. A flyer of light aircraft and an amateur inventor, he was frustrated by the fact that, if he flew anywhere, he had no transport at the other end.
So using only parts purchased at the local hardware store and an old hang glider wing, he rigged up the Sky Bike.
The wings, propeller and other modifications take about 10 minutes to put on the bike. After the flight, they can then be removed just as quickly allowing the flyer to ride off on the motor bike.
This video is of the Sky Bike's maiden flight, in Western Australia.

Το είδαμε στην σελίδα Αιωροπτερισμός στο fb μέσω Κ.Κυριάκου!

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