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Τετάρτη 23 Ιουνίου 2010

The new Niviuk Peak 2 is ready..

* Newsletter από την Cloudbase

Το PEAK 2 είναι έτοιμο.

The many hours of work and development by the design team and the many hours of demanding testing by our test pilots has now finished. We are pleased to inform you that the all new PEAK 2 has successfully passed every requirement to receive the EN D certification.

With an all new profile we are very excited about this new glider and with its ultra high efficiency, higher glide speed, smooth and improved 100% useable accelerator system, superb climb rate and ability to locate and core thermals the PEAK 2 offers pilots the opportunity to fly further than they ever could have imagined.

The very first PEAK 2 in size 24 and in new colour combinations will be available from your Niviuk dealer in early August. Avoid disappointment and pre-order your new PEAK 2 today – the rumours of perfection are now a reality! 

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