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Τρίτη 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Wave in a Hidden Place for Soaring — Greece!

Ένα πολύ ωραίο αφιέρωμα του στην εξαιρετική πτήση του Μιχάλη Αναστασίου και του Θάνου Γιάνκου που ισοφάρισε σχεδόν το παγκόσμιο ρεκόρ ύψους με ανεμόπτερο.

Wave in a Hidden Place for Soaring — Greece!
As many of you, I presume, I did not know much about soaring in Greece. For sure I didn’t know about WAVE in Greece! For that reason it is good that I have faithful readers over there.
SO…time to change this, as Mike is prepared to share his diary on this day 2 in February 2013 with us.
Indeed Greece is hidden place for soaring. I will be glad to shed some light in this anytime.”

 Μπορείτε να δείτε ολόκληρο το αφιέρωμα στο 

Κι ένα εξαιρετικό λίγο παλιότερο βίντεο του Μιχάλη και του Αλέξη Αναστασίου πάνω από την ίδια περιοχή:  

Pipistrel Taurus flight in Mountain Wave. (Wavementary 2012 by Aviodream in 720p)

 Wavementary was filmed December 2012 in Greece. Winds at 100 km/hr, laminar wave, but lots of humidity and the congestus released often sleet and snow. Light icing on the wings was normal.
Crew: Mike & Alex Anastasiou
Ship: Pipistrel Taurus SN36 (Special Version 15,3 meter)
Location: N38° 22' 34.26", E23° 1' 26.03 (Greece)
Music: Comsat by Carbon Based Lifeforms
HD Camera: TZ20 by Panasonic


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