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Παρασκευή 27 Αυγούστου 2010

Greek BASE jump event on Symi island a huge success..

The ProBASE Beach Boggie, the first official BASE jump event ever held in Greece, was a huge success with the spectators, media and the participating jumpers.

 Symi, a tiny greek island near Turkey in the aegean sea, is normally frequented by the rich and famous in their exclusiv yachts. Last week however a very special event took center stage when ProBASE World Cup was holding an exhibition BASE jump event at St. Georgios Beach.
8 BASE jumpers from 6 different countries found their way to Symi on invitation from the local community to bring the sport and spectacle of BASE to Greece.
The bay of St. Georgios sits beneath a huge cliff and is only accessible by boat. On an average summer day, 20 or 30 tourists enjoy the turquoise waters and stunning surroundings, but the weekend from august 20th to 22nd saw several hundred people crowd the beach. The reason was the BASE jump exhibition held at the location.
Jumping started friday afternoon and went on to sunday evening. All rounds were intensely followed by hundreds of onlookers and dozens of tourist boats, yachts and even a boat of the Greek coast guard, who were amazed and impressed by what they saw.
The event was rounded off with local food and drink specialties provided by the community and a party each evening. Both the jumpers as well as the spectators had a great weekend and all agreed that the event should be repeated next year on a larger scale.

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