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Τρίτη 10 Απριλίου 2012

Motovun Flying - The Tightest Urban launch ever

 Ίσως η πιο εντυπωσιακή Urban Flight που είδαμε ποτέ!!

From Sky Adventures:
Have been looking at a possibility to launch from the old town of Motovun, Istria for some time now. It was the trickiest launch challenge for me ever. Apart from "launch" being too narrow (about 3/4 of the wing span), a big rock in the middle of the lines, a bush covered wall and a drop on the right hand side of the wing I was also standing on the very edge and in the corner of a wall over a drop and was unable to make a single step back or to the right. But the conditions were just perfect: 5 - 10 m/s wind above launch and just enough wind on launch so I was able to pull the wing up without touching the brakes such that the wing tips didn't come out. 3 Spanish guys who happened to pass by in just that moment gave me a hand holding the wing up and I did the rest to keep the lines snag free. What you see is the second go. In the first attempt a line got caught on the right hand side bushy wall where the hole is.

A dream come true for me. On Valentine's day.

I thought the rest of the flight was going to be a half an hour of ridge soaring due to the late hour but as it turned out (as I was exploring the air further and further away from the hill) there was a convergence over the valley which enabled me to climb up and fly away from the hill.

For all benevolent safety conscious dudes: I did wear a helmet. ;) Only took it off up high to film my bald head flying over Motovun.

Music "Motovun flying" by Airie Sol.

Το είδαμε στο φόρουμ του μέσω του Dust in the wind!

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