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Τελευταίες 5 Αναρτήσεις Paragliding And Aviation

Κυριακή 24 Ιουνίου 2012

Magic Paragliding Tandem with a bald eagle

A magic paragliding tandem ride with Sherkan, a bald eagle from the wildpark Les Aigles du Leman.
Sherkan was born in captivity and couldn't fly. When Jacques-Olivier, his new owner got him, he decided to teach him how to fly. To do so, he used paragliding as a learning tool. It took a year.
After a long winter season without flying, Jacques-Olivier contacted me to make Sherkan fly again. We were wondering how Sherkan would behave after such long time without flying...

Magic Paragliding Tandem with a bald eagle from Gaël Lafond on Vimeo.

Το είδαμε μέσω Μιχάλη Ζιώτη!

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